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How to Trade a Covered Call

Since it gets discussed on the show frequently, Kyle breaks down how to trade a covered call from research to execution.

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Gaming Market Spotlight: Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, Inc.

Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, a Canadian video game and Esports company

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Retail Traders: Then and Now

Laura takes a trip down memory lane, comparing what it used to be like to buy a stock to buying stocks today

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CBD Market Spotlight: Sweet Earth Holdings

Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at Sweet Earth, a Canadian company that focuses on CBD products

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Organigram levels up!

After Organigram announces a new partnership, Dan takes a closer look at OGI and what that means for both companies going forward.

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OCGN: Experimenting with Covered Calls

Kyle shares his experiences trading covered calls in Ocugen, Inc. (OCGN) over the last two weeks. But will there be profits?

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How I’m Becoming a (Financial) Dragon: 3 Easy Steps

How I’m becoming a (financial) dragon, AKA investing for retirement. I Look beyond traditional methods of saving like 401ks and IRAs.

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3 Bounce Back Stock Candidates Post Earnings Dip

We look at three stocks that have to potential to bounce next week after their stocks fell post earnings.

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Trading Platform Reviews

Trading stocks in 2020 is the easiest it’s ever been. Trading platforms Robinhood, TD Ameritrade and Webull all allow for quick deposits and fast trades, and we’re going to review them here today.

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Semiconductors still going Strong!

Dan gives an update to a previous post about the semiconductor industry