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  • Metals and Mining: E3 Metals Corp.
    Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at E3 Metals Corp, an Alberta based mining company sitting on a large reserve of Lithium
  • Pharma Spotlight: Antibe Therapeutics
    Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at Antibe Therapeutics, a Canadian biotech company specializing in anti-inflammatory treatments
  • Biotech Sector Spotlight: PharmaTher Holdings Ltd.
    Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at PharmaTher Holdings Ltd, a Canadian specialty psychedelic pharmaceutical company
  • How to Trade a Covered Call
    Since it gets discussed on the show frequently, Kyle breaks down how to trade a covered call from research to execution.
  • Gaming Market Spotlight: Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, Inc.
    Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at Enthusiast Gaming Holdings, a Canadian video game and Esports company
  • Retail Traders: Then and Now
    Laura takes a trip down memory lane, comparing what it used to be like to buy a stock to buying stocks today
  • CBD Market Spotlight: Sweet Earth Holdings
    Sponsored Content – This week we take a closer look at Sweet Earth, a Canadian company that focuses on CBD products
  • Organigram levels up!
    After Organigram announces a new partnership, Dan takes a closer look at OGI and what that means for both companies going forward.
  • OCGN: Experimenting with Covered Calls
    Kyle shares his experiences trading covered calls in Ocugen, Inc. (OCGN) over the last two weeks. But will there be profits?
  • How I’m Becoming a (Financial) Dragon: 3 Easy Steps
    How I’m becoming a (financial) dragon, AKA investing for retirement. I Look beyond traditional methods of saving like 401ks and IRAs.
  • 3 Bounce Back Stock Candidates Post Earnings Dip
    We look at three stocks that have to potential to bounce next week after their stocks fell post earnings.
  • Trading Platform Reviews
    Trading stocks in 2020 is the easiest it’s ever been. Trading platforms Robinhood, TD Ameritrade and Webull all allow for quick deposits and fast trades, and we’re going to review them here today.
  • Semiconductors still going Strong!
    Dan gives an update to a previous post about the semiconductor industry
  • Semiconductors on the Rise?
    Dan identifies a hot sector by looking at 52 week highs over the past week. Check out which ones are riding high!
  • Tips to Improve (or Start) your Budget
    Creating and maintaining a budget for your personal finances is an important step toward improving your financial health.
  • TXG Continues Hitting New Highs
    Dan Leeson Identifies TXG as another stock that continues to hit new highs thanks to recent acquisitions. How high can TXG go?
  • Peloton Hitting New Highs
    Shares of PTON hit new all time highs again
  • Is AMD Ready to Run?
    We look at AMD and see a stock ready to breakout again
  • 5 Tips for Buying a Used Car
    Sharing some of the tips I taught my daughter while helping her shop for a new (to her) vehicle.
  • The Bull Becomes a Bear
    Dan’s bullish optimism faces reality after last week
  • Checkpoint Therapeutics: The Taste of Success
    Dan Leeson buys into Checkpoint Therapeutics (CKPT) after the company sees increased volume and announces virtual conferences. *Updated 9/17/2020
  • Options Trade Log: One Shirt Lost
    Dan Leeson analyzes the results of his first 60 days of trading options and offers some great ideas not to duplicate if you want to be successful.
  • 5 Things I’ve Learned Since I Started Trading Options
    Kyle Hedman offers some of the lessons he’s learned since he started trading options in the stock market.
  • What’s going on with Purple Innovation?
    Large volume spike on 9/10 piques Kyle’s interest.
  • Tax Returns: Good or Bad?
    Is it better to to receive a refund or should tax withholdings be optimized?