In the fourth installment of our dedicated options series featuring Blayne Macauley (Host of the Penny Lane Podcast) and Erik Smolinski (Creator of esInvests), Erik kicks things off by analyzing some trade theses before opening things up for an open Q&A from the group. Afterwards, we wrap things up by taking a trip into the cesspit that is Reddit to find some case studies. Homework for this week is to simply continue developing your primary options strategies.

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2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 08/24/23

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About Erik:

Erik is a lifelong investor and self-made millionaire looking to share how others can achieve the same. He is hoping to share his experience with active and veteran military members to expose them to opportunities.

He came from a single parent low-income household, worked odd jobs as a kid, and began investing in high school. Erik wasn’t going to attend college and planned to enlist in the Marines, but a mentor directed him to apply for a scholarship (which he earned). While he pursued his undergrad, he dug deeper into investing and trading – finding derivatives which he primarily trades. He completed over 6 years of active duty before transitioning to the reserves, earning an MBA during his last year. Erik then spread into real estate and angel investing as his means grew, to accelerate capital growth.

About Blayne:

At the age of 23, Blayne Macauley authored the 5th ranked real estate blog in the world. She started an art business in 2016, which she built into a 6-figure company within 3 years. In 2020 she founded The Penny Lane Podcast about retail trading, which was ranked among the top investing podcasts on iTunes and was featured in the New York Times. She is a daily market commentator, author of “The Intermediate Trader Blog,” and podcast host for the Place Your Trades Network. She was featured in the documentary film The New Americans by Ondi Timoner.
Blayne has worked as the Marketing Director for a luxury real estate company, Beacham & Company, Realtors, for the past 17 years.

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  1. Continue refining the primary strategies you plan on utilizing

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