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This week in the China Shop, Anthony Fatseas (host of WTFinance) drops by to talk about the Consumer Sentiment report and the escalating chip wars with China. In Stock News, the UAW strikes begin for the Big Three and London’s ARM hits a $60B market cap after a successful IPO. Over in the Crypto Corner, a look at Binance’s timeline does not paint a rosy picture for the exchange and FTX gets approval to sell $3.4B worth of crypto holdings. After managing to short the only green stock last week, Kyle let’s Anthony take the lead in this week’s bet pick.

2 Bulls in a China Shop: 09/15/23

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Consumer Sentiment Drops in September
Ray Dalio Says to Hold Cash for Now??
House Republicans Demand Full Huawei Sanctions
UAW Strikes Begin at Big Three
ARM IPO Valuation Tops $60B
FTX Approved to Liquidate $3.4B in Crypto to Pay Creditors
Grayscale Urges SEC Approve Spot BTC ETF After Court Win

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