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This week in the China Shop, all eyes are on Jackson Hole as the Fed gets in a work holiday at the popular retreat, while outflows from China’s stock market signals weakness in the world’s #2 economy. In Stock News, AMC’s reverse split and APE conversion happened, Chicago sues Kia and Hyundai and Dollar Tree considers locking up merchandise?? Over in the Crypto Corner, COIN is talking with Canadian banking giants and Tornado Cash gets shut down. It’s the final week of the August Bet and time to see if the homerun play worked out or if the bulls should be sent back to the minors…

2 Bulls in a China Shop: 08/26/23

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Powell Says Fed Prepared to Raise Rates Further
China’s Stock Market Reels from Record Stretch of Outflows
Seven CDs Join 5.50% Club
EU’s DSA Hopes to Curb Manipulative Practices and Harmful Content
Bipartisan Bill Aimed at Lowering Merchant Fees Could Harm Consumers
AMC Reverse Split and APE Conversion Done
Chicago Sues Kia and Hyundai for Lack of Theft Prevention
Crunch Time for UAW and Big Three Auto Manufacturers
Dollar Tree to Lock up Merch?
Zillow Trying to Solve Housing Affordability with 1% Down Payments
COIN Talking with Candian Banking Giants
Tornado Cash Co-Founders Charged with Money Laundering

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