In a much requested fifth installment of our limited Futures series, Baba Yaga of Vanta Trading steps up to the plate to tell us everything he knows about Delta, as well as answer some questions submitted via our Discord. Listen along as we dive into the What, Why and How of Delta: What it is, Why it’s important and How to start incorporating it into our plans. As Baba says, Delta is NOT a magical indicator but something that can add context when used with everything else we’ve learned on this journey so far!!

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2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 05/11/22

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About Baba Yaga:

Solving problems, helping set goals, and refining processes is the bulk of Baba’s passion. He does that in many contexts ranging from nonprofits to real estate firms and everything in between. He focuses on market structure through the lens of TPO charting and executes based on volume, misplaced large orders, and delta. He loves the opening range breakout and typically trades the market from the “inside out”. 

About Vanta Trading:

When entities are profitable, they are considered “in the black”, we took the concept of Vantablack, a brand name of super-black coatings with a reflectance below 1.5% in the visible spectrum…in other words, VERY BLACK. We guide, educate, provide community, and equip traders to understand the benefits of a consistent approach to the market. Founded by Mr. W Banks and BabaYaga with the goal of expediting the path to profitability for traders. Providing video reviews of trades as well as trade setups and methods-not a call out room for passive participants to listen in on- but telling, showing, guiding on things they have learned through their years of experience – members hear live conversations about positions, areas of interest, and overall process from the team. Vanta Trading is both a title and a goal, for traders to be deep in the black over the long haul.

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Vanta’s Delta Deep Dive – YouTube


Open a new chart of the futures product you normally trade
a. Pick out areas where you wish you were able to initiate a trade
b. Look at the historical delta in those areas (or better yet, watch a replay) and journal any observations
c. Repeat this process until you start to observe actionable patterns

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