In the final episode of our limited series with Rich Friesen of Mind Muscles Academy, 2 Bulls Discord members Joel, Perdue and Bear Goes Long join in on the fun! This time everyone is taking Rich’s Trader Assessment in real time and discussing the results afterwards. It’s been a long journey, and while we’re not to the finish line yet, it’s still impressive to see how far we’ve come since the start of the series. We’ve got video this time so you can follow along from home if you want to take the assessment yourself!

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2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 04/14/23

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About Rich:

Richard Friesen works with professionals and business leaders who want to increase their personal effectiveness with joy and grace. His neuroscience based Mind Muscles™ model gives his clients the opportunity to reach their goals with online training, simulations, interactive exercises, group support and real time decision processes.

Richard has been a futures broker for Merrill Lynch, a floor trader on the CME, CBOT and the options floor of the Pacific Exchange where he built and sold a successful options trading firm where he served on the Exchange’s board of directors. He also founded and built a financial software company and is the inventor of ten significant trading interface patents. This combined with his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programing Master’s certification and neuroscience focus, brings a unique framework to business, investing and career success. Rich recently published “A Private Conversation with Money,” which observes the main character “Joe” who deals with all the conflicts, self-sabotage and belief systems around money and wealth.

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A Private Conversation with Money – Book Link


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