In this latest installment of Round Table, Square Traders, Erik Smolinski from esInvests returns to field options related questions from beginners Sam and Lukas. Listen along as we touch on everything from managing positions, profiting in a bear market and of course, the Greeks. We also touch on strategy development and back testing in this supersized episode. It’s longer than usual, but well worth the time!

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2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 01/22/23

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About Erik:

Erik is a lifelong investor and self-made millionaire looking to share how others can achieve the same. He is hoping to share his experience with active and veteran military members to expose them to opportunities.

He came from a single parent low-income household, worked odd jobs as a kid, and began investing in high school. Erik wasn’t going to attend college and planned to enlist in the Marines, but a mentor directed him to apply for a scholarship (which he earned). While he pursued his undergrad, he dug deeper into investing and trading – finding derivatives which he primarily trades. He completed over 6 years of active duty before transitioning to the reserves, earning an MBA during his last year. Erik then spread into real estate and angel investing as his means grew, to accelerate capital growth.

About Lukas:

An aspiring options trader from Wisconsin, Lukas had his first introduction to the markets and options in high school and immediately fell in love. He’s 18 now and trying to figure out whether college is a good choice or not, so in the meantime he’s been educating himself on options and coding, hitting the gym, and eating crayons. Ultimately looking to learn, gain experience, and perhaps make some money in the process.

About Sam:

Sam has been trading options since 2021. He initially became interested in options as a way to leverage his investments, specifically using LEAPS. Prior to trading options, he had been mostly focused on long-term investments for his retirement account. Sam is always looking to learn and is currently looking to use options as a tool for capturing volatility expansion and contraction in this bear market.

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