Shlomo Freund, digital nomad and creator of Free Financial Self is in the shop this week to talk about his investing journey. Join us as we learn more about Shlomo’s first trading experiences, his philosophy when it comes to long term financial planning, as well as the details of living a nomadic life. As Shlomo was our first Israeli guest, we may or may not have asked some questions about the Mossad…

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 08/17/22

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About Shlomo:

Shlomo has been an entrepreneur for the past 15+ years and location independent. 

He’s been an investor since 2006. Started with stocks then later on international real estate and in recent years going into crowd investing.

Shlomo has been building the lifestyle that he always wanted for himself and over the years managed to find the right balance between staying in one place and travel. He goes with his family for Workations, where they travel and work for 1-3 months at a time.

Over the years, he realized how passionate he is about 3 things: Personal finances, Investments, and travel. Free Financial Self is the natural combination of all these, which allows him to help others align their lifestyle goals and their finances, especially making people happier.

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