In the fourth installment of our limited series with OrderFlow Labs, Leo is in the shop to talk about putting all the pieces together into an actionable plan. Listen along as we discuss Leo’s process, from his daily routine to some of the setups he trades (and some he doesn’t trade), and how important it is to understand our own psychology when developing our own plan. It’s been a long journey, but after this month’s homework assignment, we should have an actionable trading plan!

For those of you trading with MotiveWave (along with Sierra Charts and Ninja Trader), OFL’s toolkit is now available on your platform!
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2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 08/31/22

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About Leo:

Leo started his trading journey with options mainly through options data/flow tools, after getting tired of trying to find the next mover and carrying overnight risk he then found the futures market. His focus is now mostly on ES and NQ. HIs favorite OF Labs study is the buy and sell zones because they help automate the process of finding areas where the pullback in the market gives you the best risk/reward to take the continuation trade. 

About OrderFlow Labs:

OFL is a group of die-hard futures traders and a C++ Wizard who have a passion for trading the futures market using Orderflow tools.

Orderflow Labs was created as a collective effort of our own work and experience trading the futures markets. Our goal is simple, we aim to help both new and experienced traders gain confidence, reduce your screen time and help you refine your edge.

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Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (Book)


  1. Start simple with the setups, backtest before adding new criteria
    a. Tailor plan and setups to complement your own psychology
  2. Incorporate your daily routine into the plan
  3. Develop daily P/L rules (Loss limits, Plan to handle green days)
  4. Close the loop by journaling every day

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