This week Sammie Ellard King, founder of Up the Gains, stops by the shop to talk about his investment journey. Listen along as we discuss how he got started, how he overcame a $20,000 debt and why he created Up the Gains. We also digress into his background in the London music scene and learn more about how Sammie is giving back to the community by speaking about finances to the next generation before making our pitch to add our favorite show to his Best Investing Podcasts list.

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 08/01/22

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About Sammie:

Sammie hails from London, UK and is a director of a Hospitality business that owns bars and music venues in London. He has been an investor in the stock market since 25 and was self-taught. His strategy is to buy companies that have strong growth potential and solid business fundamentals, and Sammie’s goal is to inspire others through Up the Gains that anyone can create the habits to change their financial situation

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