This week in the China Shop we are joined by Phil Muscatello, creator and host of Stocks for Beginners. Listen along as we discuss everything from options strategies, to the culture of finance guests and even a conversation on music and guitars! We also got to feel what it’s like to sit on the other side of the table as we got a very prepared guest this week who brought his own questions for us. Some of our past comments may have come back to bite us this time around…

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 08/23/22

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About Phil:

Phil Muscatello is the host and producer of the podcasts Shares for Beginners, Stocks for Beginners, ETFs for Beginners, Equity ASA & Talking Companies.

Phil is not from a finance background but wants to learn more about becoming a better investor. He hopes that listeners will come along for the ride and not make the same mistakes that he has.

Phil has a degree in Media Production and Literary Studies. He played in psychedelic, heavy rock cabaret bands in Sydney during the early eighties before moving into a career in radio at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Triple-J (kind of a cross between college radio and NPR). He was a religious affairs producer at a classic rock station (long story) and worked extensively in corporate media production and voice over recording.

He enjoys playing guitar, ocean swimming, cycling, going to the gym and drinking too much beer on Thursday nights at trivia at the Bald Rock Hotel.

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