Joining us in the Shop this week is Stephen Mathai-Davis, founder and CEO of, a Forbes backed Artificial intelligence powered investing app for everyone. Listen along as we learn about what A.I. is and how it’s used to make better investing decisions and hedge portfolios. Stephen also explains some of the investment kits available, including the strategies and ideas behind them. Kyle also explains his strategy to get on the good side of A.I. just in case a Terminator scenario should arise…

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 06/29/22

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About Stephen:

Stephen Mathai-Davis, CFA, CQF is the Founder and CEO of, a Forbes company. He is a full-stack data scientist and recognized as an expert in the application of artificial intelligence and advanced quantitative strategies to global public markets. Most recently, he was recognized as part of the Top 100 in Finance by the Top 100 Finance Magazine and has been shortlisted as one of the top CEOs of 2021 by the Silicon Review. He was recently called one of the Top 100 in Tech from Johns Hopkins University for 2021.

Under Stephen’s leadership, is taking on the $25+ trillion fund management industry by launching the first AI-powered investment management app. Since its launch in March 2021, Q,ai has received significant attention, including being the #1 Product on Product Hunt while winning the FinTech Breakthrough Award for Best Retail Investment Platform in 2021 and the AI Breakthrough award for the Best Deep Learning Platform in 2021.

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