Joining us in the Shop this week is Kyrill Asatur, CEO of Centerfin. Listen along as we learn about Kyrill’s journey into the markets, from his decision to switch majors, the struggles to hire into an investment firm and his decision to found Centerfin. We also get some book recommendations, and we discuss what Kyrill sees as the biggest threat to the stock market, and it’s not at all what you think! As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Kyrill is also able to give us a unique perspective on the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 06/27/22

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About Kyrill:

Kyrill is the CEO of Centerfin, a digitally native, institutional quality wealth management service.  Originally an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Kyrill began his career at Goldman Sachs. During his eight years there, he spent the majority of his time working with hedge funds in the prime brokerage business.

In 2009, Kyrill moved to the buy-side, joining a distressed credit hedge fund founded by two ex-Goldman prop traders. He then worked at two other firms, most recently Golub Capital.

With two decades of experience working with sophisticated institutional investors, Kyrill was always frustrated with the lack of access to similar quality investment solutions for him and others in his network.  He founded Centerfin to solve this problem, providing a holistic approach to managing wealth in a manner modeled after other long-term-oriented investors such as endowments and family offices.

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Book Recommendations:

When Genius Failed
Market Wizards
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

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