This week in the shop we are joined by Kira Turner, professional trader and moderator of the Inner Circle at T3 Live. The Inner Circle is T3 Live’s most exclusive trading room designed for elite, experienced traders. Join us as we discuss Kira’s past experiences and how those benefited her on her journey to being a successful trader. From her time at Cornerstone Securities to her rodeo and skydiving passions, she has not shied away from risk… but does that carry over into her trading style?

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 07/12/22

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About Kira:

Kira is a full-time professional stock and options trader based in Austin, Texas. She traded at Cornerstone Securities from 1994-2001 and reentered the pro trading arena in 2018 after managing a large Real Estate investment portfolio. Beginning as a scalper, Kira now integrates both day and swing trading into her style, and trades both equities and options. Kira graduated from Texas Tech University in 1990, where she competed as a member of the rodeo team.

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