In the Third episode of our limited series with OrderFlow Labs, Job steps in for a discussion on Volume and how it relates to the Auction process. Listen along as we learn about what volume actually tells us, how time works together with volume and the different ways volume can be analyzed before leaving us with some intraday applications, and of course, this month’s homework assignment!
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2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 7/23/22

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About Job:

Job began a journey into the world of trading nearly 10 years ago by means of individual stocks. After being introduced to futures, he turned his focus toward ES and NQ intraday trading. Primarily focusing on the morning RTH session and occasional ETH hours, what he and the other individuals developed give the freedom of sitting down during hours of choice. His favorite OrderFlow Labs studies are the Job Pinch and the Exhaustion Absorption Detector.

About OrderFlow Labs:

OFL is a group of die-hard futures traders and a C++ Wizard who have a passion for trading the futures market using Orderflow tools.

Orderflow Labs was created as a collective effort of our own work and experience trading the futures markets. Our goal is simple, we aim to help both new and experienced traders gain confidence, reduce your screen time and help you refine your edge.

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Terminology and Examples:

Parabolic Blowoff: Example of a downside volume spike exhaustion
Volume build above taper: First notice the taper in the profile at the lows. As price begins to explore above, the volume grows [builds] showing interest in a directional change
Leg to Leg: Drawing a manual profile from a swing low or high to gauge the build in the direction of activity by means of a new profile. A shift in the auction means a shift in activity. Example includes volume build supporting direction and new LVNs that need to be protected for continuation to occur
Realtime example of volume build after a taper

VWAP Discussion (YouTube Link)
Offsides Delta (YouTube Link)


  1. Map prior day Volume Profile and compare to the current profile
  2. Observation: Find the primary LVN (Low Volume Node) and observe how price interacts with this area
  3. Group zones of value to see how value is consolidating in the big picture
  4. Observation: Note how volume builds and price reacts as the day’s profile builds throughout the day’s session

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