Joining us in the Shop this week is Paul Halme, former stockbroker and 2x bestselling author. Listen along as we discuss his all of his past experiences and how they helped him grow a 7-figure consulting company that helps entrepreneurs fix their finances and create passive income. We also can’t help but ask about his MMA background, as Kyle looks for confirmation on his theory about the origins of Brazilian Ju Jitsu…. (Spoiler, Kyle was wrong).

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 06/23/22

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About Paul:

Paul used his business acumen to build his business into one of the most successful gyms in the US. This wasn’t enough for the former stockbroker, and he began creating high six-figure offline businesses for his clients.  This has resulted in his consulting company growing will into the 7 figures by helping his clients, all the while living a freedom lifestyle of his own design.

To date, Paul has become a 2X bestselling book author, an international speaker, and a sought-after mentor for people worldwide.

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