Joining us in the Shop this week are Jason and Lisa Marks, beginner investors and creators of Designated Quizzers. Listen along as we do our best to explain auction theory, candlestick charts and technical and fundamental analysis. We also answer their questions about market terms and strategies, and even discuss a little crypto for good measure!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 06/12/22

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About Jason:

Husband, father, pet-tolerator, content creator…all while pretending to maintain a full-time career in the automotive industry. Born September 23, 1975, Jason is responsible for most of the script creation and episode editing. Jason works hard to bring the best possible listening experience to each episode of Designated Quizzers.

About Lisa:

Wife, mother, pet-lover, content creator…all while maintaining a full-time “regular” job. Born December 11, 1976, Lisa is truly the inspiration behind Designated Quizzers. What started as just a listening interest has blossomed into a passionate hobby. Lisa works hard to maintain a strong social media presence for the show and is a caring person that will lend a helping hand to anyone.

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