In the second episode of our limited series with OrderFlow Labs, Fleri returns for an in-depth lesson on auction theory and how the markets move. Building on the homework assignment from episode #1, Fleri explains the power of TPO charts and how value is found in the auction process. He also lays out the framework for three actionable trade setups utilizing the information discussed today. Be sure to check out the examples in the episode description, as they will help with this month’s homework assignment!

For those of you trading with MotiveWave (along with Sierra Charts and Ninja Trader), OFL’s toolkit is now available on your platform!
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2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 06/21/22

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About Fleri

Fleri began trading on the early crypto exchanges and with mid cap stocks before shifting his focus to futures and intraday trading. His work on ES, NQ, RTY, CL and UB is rooted in Market Auction Theory and tracking market participants through pattern recognition and confluence of Price Action and Order Flow. Fleri approaches his trading day by coming to the open with a plan of execution-able areas for the auction to potentially seek value while utilizing Order Flow and Price Action to capitalize on intraday rotations. His favorite Orderflow Labs study is Session Delta Pivots… The SDP levels offer an opportunity to lean into pullbacks and anticipate initiation from previous aggressive auctions while providing ranges for larger rotations.

About Orderflow Labs

OFL is a group of die-hard futures traders and a C++ Wizard who have a passion for trading the futures market using Orderflow tools.

Orderflow Labs was created as a collective effort of our own work and experience trading the futures markets. Our goal is simple, we aim to help both new and experienced traders gain confidence, reduce your screen time and help you refine your edge.

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  1. Define Balance/Imbalance
  2. Observation: Price as it moves to/from balance
  3. Observation: What does balance look like intraday?
  4. Familiarize yourself with TPO Charts
  5. Look for examples of the 3 trade setups (images below)
Value Destination Trade: Value Area High Rejection > Go to Value Area Low
Balance to Imbalance to Balance
Failed Breakdown > Multi-Day Destination Trade to Balance Area High

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