This week we are pleased to have former CNN and Fox anchor and hedge fund manager Cody Willard in the shop to discuss his upcoming cryptocurrency launch. We covered a lot of topics in this episode, from launching a new coin and what red flags to watch for when buying crypto, to Cody’s investment strategy and what he thinks is the next trillion-dollar market. Oh, and we also had to ask about his friendship with Neil Patrick Harris… There’s something for everyone in this episode, and make sure you check out SKTLS before Friday to sign up for the airdrop!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 04/25/22

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About Cody:

Cody Willard is a hedge fund manager and publisher of an online subscription investment and trading newsletter, a husband and a father to two beautiful daughters, one of whom is and has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder. Cody has been a Division-1 NCAA basketball player, an incubator analyst, a stock broker, a real estate appraiser, a busboy, a TV news anchor on Fox Business and CNBC. Mr. Willard received a BA in Economics from the University of New Mexico in 1996.

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