This week in the shop we are joined by Derrick Oldensmith, VP of Trading and Education at T3 Live. Listen along as we discuss all things trading, from work ethic and discipline to risk management and keys to becoming consistent with our trading. We also pick Derricks brain on learning resources and discuss the motivations of stock analysts. Tons of great information in this one and be sure to check out Derrick’s YouTube channel if you want more!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 04/11/22

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About Derrick:

Derrick Oldensmith is a Senior Trader and Managing Supervisor for T3 Trading Group, LLC and VP of Trading and Education for T3 Live, LLC. Derrick first joined T3 Trading Group as an equity trader in 2011 and has been running a trading desk for the company since 2013.

For his personal trading, Derrick combines day trading, swing trading and portfolio management into his own, unique, top-down approach to the markets. He describes his trading style as a combination of technical analysis on multiple time frames and tape reading with a background of qualitative fundamentals.

Derrick has developed and mentored 100s of T3’s entry level traders and currently manages a group of more than 50.  A highly competitive person, in his spare time, Derrick is a two-time world champion kickboxer and T3 is a regular sponsor of his events.

Derrick uses the Virtual Trading Floor as a means to bring his trading desk to those who may not be able to physically join him in New York. Each day, Derrick runs a morning meeting at 9am and an afternoon wrap-up meeting at 4:10pm. Throughout the trading session, he is constantly communicating about his positions with the members on the Floor.

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