This week Anthony Fatseas, host of WTFinance and shop favorite returns to chat about a variety of subjects, including Marijuana legislation, emerging markets in Asia along with some of the fundamental plays he is currently watching. Listen along as we catch up, try to regift some past guests, and learn about some of the exciting things Anthony has planned for this year.

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 03/22/22

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About Anthony

Anthony’s experience in investing began through a chance encounter at college and introduction into Cryptocurrencies in 2018… He still remembers first buying Bitcoin and then the price halving the next day. He has been fascinated by all things investing and trading ever since, expanding his learning to Forex, Equities, Fixed Income and NFT’s. He is the host of the WTFinance podcast, posting weekly interviews with experts in a variety of finance related subjects.

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