Jonathan Baird joins us in the China Shop this week to discuss his Global Investment Letter, monthly journal that comments on capital markets around the world. Dan and Kyle try their best to bring up a current event/investing topic he wasn’t well versed in… From Ukraine to interest rate hikes and even Turkey’s currency issues, listen along and find out just how Jonathan was able to manage multiple #1 ranked funds!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 02/08/22

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About Jonathan

Jonathan created the Global Investment Letter to examine capital markets around the world. Geopolitical trends are explored and their potential impact on markets is discussed. In addition, articles on various other topics that may aid an investor, such as investment philosophy, book reviews etc. are included periodically.   An effort is made to keep jargon to a minimum.

During his career, Jonathan managed three different #1 ranked funds, most recently in 2010 when he won a Lipper Award for the best global equity fund in Canada.   The same curiosity about the world that attracted him to money management in the first place certainly aided his investment decisions, since a good investor should have a practical knowledge of a range of disciplines, including economics, psychology, geopolitics and history.

The Global Investment Letter


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