This week in the shop we are joined by two very special guests, Leo and Fleri from OrderFlow Labs. Listen along as we chat about Fleri and Leo’s trading styles, how they got started developing Sierra Chart studies and how to use the tools they developed. We also learn about some of the obstacles they overcame in their journey to becoming profitable traders. Get your notepads ready, there’s a ton of insights to be gained in this episode!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 01/31/22

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About Fleri

Fleri began trading on the early crypto exchanges and with mid cap stocks before shifting his focus to futures and intraday trading. His work on ES, NQ, RTY, CL and UB is rooted in Market Auction Theory and tracking market participants through pattern recognition and confluence of Price Action and Order Flow. Fleri approaches his trading day by coming to the open with a plan of execution-able areas for the auction to potential seek value while utilizing Order Flow and Price Action to capitalize on intraday rotations. His favorite OrderFlow Labs study is Session Delta Pivots… The SDP levels offer an opportunity to lean into pullbacks and anticipate initiation from previous aggressive auctions while providing ranges for larger rotations.

About Leo

Leo started his trading journey with options mainly through options data/flow tools. After getting tired of trying to find the next mover and carrying overnight risk, he found the futures market and switched his focus to mostly trading the ES and NQ. HIs favorite OF Labs study is the buy and sell zones because they help automate the process of finding areas where the pullback in the market gives you the best risk/reward to take the continuation trade. 

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