This week in the China Shop, Matt Reiner stops by to show the guys the fun side of financial planners. Listen along as our conversation ranges from Matt’s book, Dr. Cole Cash Will See You Now, to the future role of financial planners and what to watch out for when working with one, and finally learning more about his AI project… How he manages to work on all these projects and host a podcast is beyond us!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 11/17/21

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About Matt Reiner:

Matt Reiner is both a CFA and CFP and a partner of Capital Investment Advisors, a $2.8 Billion RIA in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, Matt is the managing partner of Wela Strategies, an RIA that deals with the investment needs of the mass affluent.

An experienced thought leader and sought-after industry speaker, Matt has been a featured guest at top financial industry events like FinCon and is a frequently quoted source for outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor Magazine, Medium, Think Advisor, and Advisor Perspectives.

Matt is dedicated to helping the industry grow and evolve. He has a very simple goal in mind. He wants the wealth management industry – specifically the RIA vertical – to become one of the most innovative, forward-thinking industries on earth. Matt believes that with true innovation, RIAs will attract top-tier talent, create practices that are efficient and scalable, and offer higher-quality personal service to clients at all levels of wealth. Matt Reiner wants to help you become THE advisor of the future!

Dr. Cole Cash Will See You Now (Book)
Bridging the Gap (Podcast)

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