Joining us in the shop this week is Allen Sama, the head trader at Options Genius LLC. Listen along as we discuss the long and arduous path Mr. Sama took towards profitability and the winning strategy that led him to. We discuss a little bit of everything, from options and losing large sums of (someone else’s) money, to financial planning for your kids and even a little bit about cryptos. This one has a little bit of everything and Allen’s honesty and humor makes it a must listen!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 11/02/21

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About Allen Sama:

Allen Sama is a full-time trader and trading coach specializing in high probability trading. He started trading once he was laid off from the only “real” job he ever had and only got serious when he lost over $40K of his newlywed wife’s savings and vowed to her that he would either become profitable in 3 months or go back into the workforce. Since then, he has used what he calls Passive Trading to be able to make more in a day than he was used to making in an entire year.

Allen’s Path was far from easy and he openly shares his struggles of overcoming severe frustration, hundreds of losing trades and losing thousands of dollars. Now he lives a life most can only dream of, earning a full time income trading less than an hour a day.
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