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This week’s guest is Anthony Fatseas, host of the WTFinance Podcast and crypto trader. Listen along as we discuss crypto assets, NFTs and the differences between trading in the US and overseas. We also can’t help but take the time to learn more about the land down under while we have the opportunity!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 10/11/21

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About Anthony Fatseas:

His experience in investing began through a chance encounter at College and introduction into Cryptocurrencies in 2018… He still remember first buying Bitcoin and then the price halving the next day. He has been fascinated by all things investing and trading ever since, expanding his learning to Forex, Equities, Fixed Income and NFT’s.

Anthony is currently studying Finance & Management at the University of Warwick and is the host of the WTFinance podcast, a podcast where he interviews finance, trading and investing experts to help viewers understand current market trends and learn about the intricacies of new and existing assets.”

He also has experienced working at an Asset Management Company, and is the founder of Divisio Markets – a platform looking to democratize NFTs through allowing investors to buy fractionalized NFTs and is extremely interested in learning all things finance.

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