This week in the China Shop, Shahar Abrams stops by to further our education on Crypto assets. Listen in as we discuss his past experience with IBM, how stable coins work and ways to passively grow our income using Crypto holdings. Shahar also tells us a bit about how he trades and how his company, Road to Babylon, got it’s name.

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 09/13/21

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About Shahar Abrams

Shahar retired as the leader of the enterprise blockchain deployment team at IBM at the age of 29. He founded Road to Babylon to help others on the path to financial freedom by sharing his no-hype, principles-based approach to investing in crypto assets. He draws on his years of experience as a crypto investor and professional in the blockchain industry to provide on-demand insight and assistance to clients of all backgrounds as they navigate this new and exciting space.

Road to Babylon
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