Sunday Swingers

Sunday Swingers: 07/18/21

Each Sunday we publish our Sunday Swingers, or Swing trade ideas that we are paying close attention to. Follow us and see how we do!

Each week we will publish our swing trade ideas based on our screeners and technical analysis of chart patterns. These picks are the ones we are watching the closest for a move (up or down). Remember the name of this site, these posts are for us to learn and grow in our abilities to spot potential moves, and not financial advice.

The Picks

TickerHi TriggerTarget 1/2Lo TriggerTarget 1/2
Triggers – Level above or below that triggers our buy/short signal. Must be confirmed by volume!
Targets – the zones of support we identified based on trend lines, past support/resistance and volume profile. These are the areas to begin taking profits


Very strong ascending triangle pattern that has been trying to break above $23 since the beginning of May. Our bias is to the upside on this one but if the $20 support is breached, it could easily drop back to the $16-$18 range again.


This stock has been coming down off of the February $142.20 all time high for awhile, consolidating between $108 and $128. We’re watching it to see if it breaks below $113.50 with volume, it’s next support being $105. Below $105 is $99, then $90.


This one just passed under it’s 20SMA on fed inflation news. We’re watching to see if it continues to drop from the all time high of $168 it hit at the beginning of June, or turn around and make some new all time highs. If it drops below $153 with volume, next support is $149, then $135.


Another strong ascending triangle pattern that has been developing since January of 2020. If it breaks to the upside, $70.50 should come quick and $76-$77 isn’t out of the question. If it falls below $63, we could see $60 pretty quick and then $58 below that.


The last of the ascending triangle patterns, this one started at the end of last February. If it breaks to the upside, we’ve got $108 and $115 targets based on Fibonacci extensions. The trend is in danger of breaking the other way however, and could find itself back in the $70 to $80 range if it doesn’t catch the weaker support around $86.

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