Stock Picks

The markets gave us all a scare this past week, with the SPY dropping below $428 on Thursday before bouncing back to close at a new high on Friday. Looks like the party will continue, at least for another week. Investors have got to be feeling on edge though, as the markets seem to be long overdue for a 10-15% correction…

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Kyle’s Stock Pick

Volume: 9.6 M
Short%: 2.54

Kyle’s pick this week is CenterPoint Energy, a public utility holding that owns and operates natural gas power generation and distribution facilities. As a utilities company, it should do well in the event that the market wakes up to the fact we’ve been printing money at an ungodly rate. This might explain the roughly 50% jump in volume on Friday, indicating that people are interested in CNP… It certainly wasn’t the recent news, which was a transformer fire at their Addicks substation. The charts don’t lie, and right now CNP has bullish structure with the volume to confirm. If the price can clear $26, that should set it up to make a run at $30.

Past Pick’ems Review

Other than SAP, not much change over the past week for our running pick list. Newcomer REI stopped out a couple days after making the list, and BUD looks like it might be next.

Price first
15% Trailing
Stop Loss
Closing Price
on 7/07
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates.
*AMC stop loss set at 50% due to the extreme volatility

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