This week Kyle and Dan are joined by Edmund McCormack, founder and CEO of Dchained. Listen in as we discuss all things crypto in this fun and informative interview. Topics range from the effects of the China ban on miners, to the Fed’s claims that a digital dollar will eliminate the need for Bitcoin. Dan even sneaks in a question about money “cleaning…” for a friend of course. Edmund’s 2 year old makes a surprise guest appearance and we wraps things up by bringing back our “Crypto $100,000 Pyramid” game.

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 07/27/21

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About Edmund

Edmund McCormack is the CEO of Dchained, a crypto-based education and advisory platform, and trusted expert for leading finance business outlets such as Forbes, US News & World Report, Cointelegraph, American Banker, and Business Insider.

About Dchained

Dchained provides education, personalized coaching, and online resources for investors at every stage of their journey, whether complete beginners or experienced traders. Through a series of easy-to-follow guides and courses, Dchained members gain the insight required to make informed and timely investment decisions – covering everything from the basics of “how to get started” to the latest DeFi platforms.

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