E3 Metals Corp
E3 Metals Corp

This week our sponsors at Life Water Media (Disclosure) hired us to take a closer look at E3 Metals Corp. (TSXV: ETMC) (OTC: EEMMF), an Alberta based Lithium mining and refining company. Why did we pick E3 Metals to promote? Keep reading to find out!

Company: E3 Metals Corp.
Sector: Metals and Mining

Large Demand for Lithium

The US has been pushing for the transition away from gasoline powered automobiles for a while now, and that is only going to get stronger with the current administration in place. California has recently passed a ban of all gas powered vehicles beginning 2035, and the EU has also been making a push to reduce carbon emissions. With auto manufacturers like VW, Ford and GM shifting their focus to electric vehicles, the demand for Lithium is only going to increase. In fact, demand for Lithium is already anticipated to be more than the supply by 2027. E3 currently sits on 6.7 MT, approximately the 7th largest known reserve in the world. This puts E3 in an excellent position to capitalize on this growing demand.

E3’s Extraction Process

Proprietary Extraction Process

Along with a large reserve of Lithium, E3 has also developed their own extraction process. The proprietary ion exchange process allows them to extract high purity Lithium from low grade brine. It also removes 99% of impurities, all while reducing water handling needs. It’s also important to note that since the company is locating in oil friendly Alberta. This means there is already a network of pipelines available that can be repurposed for transporting E3’s finished product.

With the demand for Lithium continuing to rise, E3 Metals Corp’s large deposit, ideal location and innovative extraction process have them sitting in an ideal position to capitalize on the inevitable shift to electric vehicles.

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