Friday Pick’em: 05/14/21

Welcome to the Friday Pick’em: Ape Edition! Care to take a wild guess at what stock we’re riding next?

Finally saw some green days to end the week for our portfolios as growth and tech bounced… Inflation numbers this week spooked a lot of investors and probably led to some sector rotation. Or maybe a certain heavily shorted stock’s sudden upward movement led to the closing of long positions?

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Our Stock Pick

Volume: 207 M
Short%: 20.95

Kyle and Dan now apes. Apes like AMC. AMC volume way up and price is jumping. Time to HODL to moon!

Past Pick’ems Review

How’d the rest of our picks do? No idea, this is the first I’ve looked this week, I’ve been glued to AMC for the past 5 days. Guess we should check. Oh, and AMC will be getting double the stop loss, as it’s bound to be extremely volatile.

Price first
15% Trailing
Stop Loss
Closing Price
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates.

Recent Picks

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  • Friday Pick’em: 05/14/21
    Welcome to the Friday Pick’em: Ape Edition! Care to take a wild guess at what stock we’re riding next?
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