This week in the China Shop we are joined by Victorio Stefanov, day trader and success coach with TRADEPRO Academy. Listen in as Victorio tells us about his options trading strategy and the indicators he uses. We also discuss what’s going on with AMC and GME, and Kyle explains why he likes JMIA. We finish up by getting some long awaited answers to questions we’ve had about our lovable neighbors to the north!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 05/17/21

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About Victorio Stefanov

Victorio started trading with George Papazov in 2015/2016 as an early member of TRADEPRO Academy, after his dad happened to meet him in a Starbucks (he may have spilled coffee on him). Victorio was a lost college student at the time in Engineering, hating it but not knowing what to do. After befriending George, he was convinced to get into trading and switched his degree to Financial Services. Victorio traded throughout college, and ended up paying for some of his schooling through options swing trading using some of his government loan (blowing 50% of it at first)

*Note from Victorio and 2 Bulls: Please don’t risk your tuition on options!* 

While still in college, he then transitioned to futures day trading. There was a big learning curve in futures, but he eventually started making money about one year in (2018).  While Victorio still trades futures here and there, he found that he was risking a little too much for comfort. Forever a student, he still works on his futures craft but recently flipped back to options. He day trade options now will pretty good success and swing trades common stock, with a focus on large caps and growth companies. 

If you’d like to hear more about Victorio’s trading strategies and ideas, he frequently posts on Twitter and is active in TRADEPRO Academy’s free community chatroom

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Victorio’s Twitter
TRADEPRO Academy Website

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