This week our sponsors at Life Water Media (Disclosure) hired us to take a closer look at PharmaTher Holdings Ltd (CSE: PHRM) (OTCQB: PHRRF), a Canadian specialty psychedelic pharmaceutical company. There’s a lot to like here, so keep reading to see what we found!

Company: PharmaTher Holdings Ltd.
Sector: Biotech (Interactive Media & Entertainment)

Multiple Disorders Potentially Treatable with Ketamine

PharmaTher recently announced that they have submitted their application to the FDA to proceed with their Phase 2 clinical trials. These trials will evaluate the use of Ketamine in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. This follows a finding in 2016 that Parkinson’s patients receiving Ketamine for pain reported that their relief lasted several weeks after treatment. PharmaTher is moving to become the go to drug provider in Parkinson’s pain and symptom management. Ketamine is also currently being investigated as a drug to treat Major Depressive Disorder. Finally, PharmaTher entered into an exclusive license agreement with the University of Kansas to use ketamine to treat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). There are plenty of potential uses for Ketamine, and PharmaTher is leading the way.

Proprietary Micro Needle Patch

While the potential of Ketamine is exciting on its own, PharmaTher is also developing a proprietary micro needle patch for use with psychedelic pharmaceuticals such as psilocybin. They have partnered with the Terasaki Institute (a BioMed non-profit) to develop this novel delivery system. The Terasaki Institute is bringing together scientists, clinicians, engineers and researchers to collaborate and take the latest scientific knowledge and translate it into new solutions and prototypes. This partnership could bring the PharmaTher micro needle patch delivery system to all sorts of pharmaceutical applications.

With approaching Phase 2 clinical trials and a proprietary delivery system that potentially works for such a range of medications, we’ve definitely got an eye on PharmaTher Holdings LTD.

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