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2 Bulls Podcast Bonus: 4/20 with Jennifer Beck

This week Jennifer Beck,co-founder of Jihi. Join us as we discuss the pot and CBD industry and quiz our guest on her knowledge of Becks!

This week in the China Shop, Jennifer Beck joins us to talk Pot stocks and CBD. We asked Jennifer about the hurdles she had to overcome starting Cannabase and the issues with running a cannabis based business in general. We also chatted about the future of marijuana and the chances of it getting legalized. After getting a stock tip from our guest, we then discussed the benefits of CBD. We asked her about her new company, Jihi, and what sets it apart from other CBD businesses. After promising to call us when Jihi IPOs, we challenged our guest to a game of “Which Beck Said it!”

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 04/20/21

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Who is Jennifer Beck?

Jennifer Beck is a seasoned entrepreneur with deep experience in the emerging legal cannabis and hemp market. Her technology company Cannabase was founded in 2013 as the first and largest online wholesale marketplace connecting the legal cannabis market. During her time with Cannabase, she served for 2 years as the Vice Chair of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and was involved with advocacy for responsible legalization.

After selling Cannabase in 2016 to Helix Technologies (where Cannabase was rolled into leading cannabis seed-to-sale tracker BioTrack THC), Jennifer co-founded Jihi with a mission to help high performing people sleep better, recover faster, and rejuvenate from the inside out. Jihi’s proprietary, clean and highly functional CBD skin and body care was founded on the idea of “Self-Centered Wellness” – coming within to find our authenticity, our joy and our power – and compassion for ourselves and the earth. Jennifer has been featured on Bloomberg Radio, Forbes, Green Entrepreneur, Marijuana Business Daily and more.

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