Friday Pick’em: 03/26/21

Dan combs through his screeners to bring us this week’s pick, one that has been on a roll all year and looks ready to breakout past it’s all time high!

Overall, it was another odd week, with Powell and Yellen testifying in Congress. The markets appeared to be destined for a flat week until the last 30 minutes of trading when buying pressure suddenly picked up and carried the S&P to around a 1.5% gain on the week. But did our pick’em list benefit from the flurry of activity just before close?

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Dan’s Stock Pick

Volume: 7.68 M
Short%: 1.2

Dan’s Friday Pick’em this week is Nucor (NUE), on of the leading producers of steel in North America. After a relatively flat decade, this stock is looking ready to breakout. NUE is approaching it’s all time high after passing it’s highest share price since 2008! As Friday’s second best S&P performer, NUE’s stock has risen over 46% in 2021. With economy starting to open back up along with US infrastructure optimism, it looks like the stage is set for this steel behemoth to really break out!

Past Pick’ems Review

Not a bad week for our list, with the exception of one stock that triggered it’s stop loss. YELL just never really moved the right direction after being added to our list, but CNXC is making up for it. Newcomers BGS and MO had another steady, but positive week and ATVI seems to have bottomed out mere pennies away from it’s stop loss. Hopefully the worst is behind ATVI…

Price first
15% Trailing
Stop Loss
Closing Price
on 3/23
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates.
*Pretty sure this triggered a stop loss, but the charts are no longer available to confirm

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