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In a first this week, we lost one of our picks due to an acquisition being finalized. Since I have no idea where to even start to track this event, we’re just going to forget it ever happened… The rest of the week was pretty much the same, as the NASDAQ gave back much of the gains from early in the week, as inflation concerns popped back up mid week. We kept that in mind when we did our search for this week’s pick.

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Kyle’s Stock Pick

Volume: 37 M
Short%: 0.86

Kyle’s Friday Pick’em is this week is Altria Group (MO), a well known tobacco company that somehow falls into the consumer staples sector. Altria’s nice run started two weeks ago, and seems to be tied to the current inflation concerns. As that is something we don’t see changing anytime soon, this stock pick should make for a good hedge against it. This is also a great long term holding, as it’s dividend payout is currently at 6.8%. With the ex-date set at 3/24, we’re just in time to be eligible for that payout on 4/30!

Past Pick’ems Review

This past week wasn’t that kind to our picks… ATVI is in the middle of a PR nightmare after paying their CEO $200 million after laying off a bunch of employees, while newcomer YELL has been steadily dropping since it’s debut on Monday. DAR also seems to have stalled on it’s impressive run, but at least DLB and BGS are showing us some green.

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