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2 Bulls Bonus Episode: Nicholas Prouten, LODE Project Ambassador

Nicholas Prouten stops by the China Shop to talk to the guys about the LODE project, a crypto backed by precious metals. Will he tell us where the gold is?

In this special bonus episode, Dan and Kyle talk to Nicholas Prouten, the ambassador for the LODE project. We get dive into the specifics of his project, a cryptocurrency backed by precious metals. We then attempt to get Nick to give us the location of all the gold before discussing cryptos in a more general sense. To wrap things up, we quizzed Nick on his Canadian South Park knowledge!

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 03/23/21

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Who is Nicholas Prouten?

A veteran in public speaker and team leader able to pitch projects, ideas and concepts concisely and effectively while motivating and driving on target, measured results. With nearly a decade of experience in the tech sector and half a decade in the blockchain industry, Nicholas is an expert in driving project growth. Using his unique leadership style and vision, he cultivates seamless paths to create value and transcend goals. A firm believer that diversity is strength, Nicholas has worked in a wide array of industries, ranging from cybersecurity, gaming, real estate, entertainment, and blockchain.

What is the LODE Project?

LODE is a blockchain-powered payments ecosystem providing investors with stabilized digital currencies backed by gold and silver. Regulated by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the project has exercised due diligence to minimize risk for a growing community of investors, with its SEC license pending. Bridging the old and the new, LODE’s asset-backed digital utilities, AGX (digital silver) and AUX (digital gold), are designed to serve users with a pragmatic method to transact with borderless, low cost, stable mediums of exchange, providing an easy on-ramp to other blockchain assets as well as instant conversions to local fiat currencies like USD, EUR and more.

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