Kyle Hedman Trade Log

Weekly Trade Log: 02/08/21

After watching GME sink like a rock, I had to step away from the markets for a bit and figure out a plan to recover.

I don’t have much to discuss this week, as I had to step away from the markets for a bit after what happened with GameStop and Robinhood. I’m still holding my shares in AMC and GME as I do believe in these companies abilities to reverse their downward trend. AMC staved off bankruptcy after converting debt to shares and GME has Ryan Cohen on it’s board now.


Buy: GME @ $179.75

This was a mistake to buy more so quickly, and this was the reason why I stepped away from the markets for a couple days. I do plan on buying more shares to bring my dollar cost average to more reasonable levels, but I need to wait for the price to settle down somewhat. I’m targeting under $40/share right now.


No Trades


Buy: AMD Mar 05 $95 Call @ $2.25

This move was something I planned last week when I saw AMD near it’s ATH prior to releasing their earnings. I waited for the price to drop after the release and bought these calls at a discount. This is the same type of move as the one I did with LOGI and I’m hoping to see similar results.


No Trades


No Trades

Active Positions:

TickerBuy PriceCurrent Price
BBBY $18.36*$26.54
SONO $18.33$31.00
JWN $23.30$34.06
CRM Mar 19 $250 Call$9.60*$7.65
NNDM Feb 19 $100 Call$2.00$0.79
AMD Mar 05 $95 Call$2.25$1.75
SPY was added when the log began for benchmarking my performance
*SAP, BBBY, SPCE, AMC and CRM Calls buy price averaged over two purchases

Closed Positions:

TickerBuy PriceSell Price
No Positions Closed

Weekly Gain (Realized):

DateMy GainsSPY Gains
2021 Total21.49%3.70%
2020 Total16.22%12.20%

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    After watching GME sink like a rock, I had to step away from the markets for a bit and figure out a plan to recover.
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