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As the stock market continues to trade flat, good deals are becoming harder to find. We lucked out with QS last week, and this weeks pick looks to be just as strong!

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Kyle’s Stock Pick

Volume: 8.9 M
Short%: 15.03

Virgin Galactic is no stranger to Friday Pick’ems and after the events of last week, it belongs back on the list. Rumors of SPCE rescheduling their test flight this weekend sent shares up nearly 10% on Thursday before falling off when a spokesperson denied the rumor. When the test flight inevitably is announced, we expect a healthy jump in the price again. And if the test flight is successful, we’re betting Unity 2 won’t be the only thing going to space!

Past Pick’ems Review

It was one heck of a week for QS, our latest addition! After disappointing on earnings to start the week off, they reported a breakthrough in their battery manufacturing process that sent the price through the roof! The stock cooled off shortly after and is now flirting with it’s stop loss. CONN is also in danger of dropping off, so we’ll let nature take it’s course next week and refrain from manually dropping anything.

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