Friday Pick’em: 02/12/21

A big acquisition offer by one of our picks on Friday puts it’s status in jeopardy. How did the rest of our stocks fare?

Earnings season continues and our stocks were little changed after a more mellow week. IIVI announced an offer to acquire Coherent for $260/share, so it’s price took a bit of a hit as a result. Logitech continued it’s steady upward momentum and AMD looks to have begun it’s rebound following its earnings dip.

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Kyle’s Stock Pick

Volume: 43.57 M
Short%: 8.53

Quantumscape Corp designs and develops solid state lithium-metal batteries for use in EVs, and everyone should know by now how much we like the EV sector! The company was just rated overweight with a $70 target by Morgan Stanley and saw a big boost Friday. QS is scheduled to report earnings next week as well, so we’re looking for the share price to continue growing after what was a strange December for the company

Past Pick’ems Review

Another week in the books and nothing lost to our trailing stops, although we’ll have to see if IIVI can stay above it’s threshold. Newcomers CONN and BUD haven’t been doing much yet, but we’ll give them some time to see if they’ll recover.

Price first
15% Trailing
Stop Loss
Closing Price
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates.

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