Friday Pick’em: 02/05/21

Now that the GME excitement has died down, it’s time we got back to basics

With the enthusiasm surrounding the GME short squeeze dying down, things seemed to have gotten back to normal. As we are back into the middle of earnings season, it’s time we got back to the things we’ve had the best success (i.e. picking stocks that exceed expectations!).

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Dan’s Stock Pick

Volume: 2.3 M
Short%: 0.46

Everyone knows the Budweiser brand, and we’re betting on the fact that alcohol sales do well when unemployment is high. BUD also recently introduced a line of seltzers and we’re guessing that also had a positive impact on sales. They report their earnings on the 25th, so we’re looking to get in early and ride the pre-earnings enthusiasm. A buy signal in the MACD only strengthens our desire to own this stock!

Past Pick’ems Review

The volatility of last week seems to be in the rearview window, as evidence of last weeks pick VXX triggering its stop loss. LOGI continued to hit new highs and ATVI jumped after posting fantastic earnings on Thursday after the bell. IIVI seems to be trending down lately and may find itself on the chopping block soon if we don’t see something positive soon.

Price first
15% Trailing
Stop Loss
Closing Price
on 02/04
Stocks that trigger the stop loss are dropped from future updates.

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    Now that the GME excitement has died down, it’s time we got back to basics

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