This week George Papazov, CEO and Founder of TradePro Academy, visits the China Shop to talk to the guys about building success in trading, Robinhood’s recent behavior and some huge insights into the GME squeeze. We also try to get to the bottom of what the deal is with Kraft Dinner in Canada.

2 Bulls in a China Shop: Recorded on 02/14/21

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George Papazov founded TradePro Academy in 2012 to inspire, educate and empower at-home traders and investors. A self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, Papazov’s self-published book Path to Profit: A Trader’s Journal reached Amazon bestseller lists. With seven years of work for a major international bank he is now an industry-leader in trading currencies, stocks, options and futures. Papazov provides a daily Morning Market Video Update on YouTube, covering topics from OPEC and interest rates to stock updates and breaking market news. His popular video training tutorials include TradingView Tutorial and How to Use Fibonacci Retracements.

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