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A good week in the books for my ledger as I made a couple options bets that really paid off. I was really happy with the methodology I used to make those bets as well. Finally offloading BAC hurt, but the other moves more than made up for it!




Buy: LOGI Feb 19 $100 Call @ $2.75
Buy: NIO @ $57.50

This was the first trading day after LOGI reported earnings, and I thought they looked pretty good. The market disagreed and shares dropped below $100. I saw a large amount of these $100 calls trading that day, so I snapped some up to try to ride a rebound. The NIO shares were purchased to back up my bet from our Podcast.


Buy: AMD Jan 22 $90 Call @ $0.88

Something similar happened here with these AMD calls, I saw a lot of volume traded that day. I also knew that Intel was reporting earnings later in the day, and I figured AMD’s shares would rise if Intel lost market share in the Data Center sector. This is exactly what happened! Feels great to get some right after whiffing on BofA so bad.


Sell: LOGI Feb 19 $100 Call @ $6.00
Sell: LOGI Feb 19 $100 Call @ $7.25
Sell: AMD Jan 22 $90 Call @ $1.30
Sell: AMD Jan 22 $90 Call @ $1.50
Sell: AMD Jan 22 $90 Call @ $2.00
Sell: AMD Jan 22 $90 Call @ $2.10
Sell: BAC Jan 29 $33 Call @ $0.20

My bets in LOGI and AMD payed off almost immediately, so I sold most of them off throughout the day. I held 25% of my LOGI calls as I was anticipating it would break it’s all time high soon. Both of these moves more than made up for the big loss I took unloading the BAC calls.

Buy: AMD @ $91.87

I bought some AMD shares after I sold out of all my options as I wanted to ride the momentum until AMD reports their earnings next Tuesday. I still haven’t decided if I’ll sell before earnings or hold them longer.


Sell: NIO @ $61.34

NIO rebounded Friday after an up and down week, so I just took profits here rather than risk holding them through the weekend.

Active Positions:

TickerBuy PriceCurrent Price
BBBY $18.36*$30.21
SONO $18.33$28.30
JWN $23.30$37.37
SPCE Apr 16 $30 Call$5.50$8.50
CRM Mar 19 $250 Call$9.60*$5.62
LOGI Feb 19 $100 Call$2.75$6.15
SPY was added for benchmarking my performance
*SAP, BBBY, SPCE and CRM Calls buy price averaged over two purchases

Closed Positions:

TickerBuy PriceSell Price
SPCE Apr 16 Call$5.50$8.00
LOGI Feb 19 $100 Call$2.75$6.00
LOGI Feb 19 $100 Call$2.75$7.25
AMD Jan 22 $90 Call$0.88$1.30
AMD Jan 22 $90 Call$0.88$1.50
AMD Jan 22 $90 Call$0.88$2.00
AMD Jan 22 $90 Call$0.88$2.10
BAC Jan 29 $33 Call$1.04$0.20

Weekly Gain (Realized):

DateMy GainsSPY Gains
2021 Total4.09%2.41%
2020 Total16.22%12.20%

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