For as well as this week started, it all came crashing down after the market reacted to Biden’s stimulus plan on Friday. All my gains for the week were wiped out when I repeated several mistakes that I thought I had learned from last year… I guess it’s not too late to make a New Year’s Resolution!


Sell: BBBY @ $20.31

This was the first lot of my BBBY position that I sold off this week. I used a tight trailing stop to ensure I made at least $1.00 per share on this move to lock in some gains in case it fell the next day.


Sell: BBBY @ $22.00

BBBY kept going up throughout the day’s session, closing around $21.50. I put in an aftermarket order for $22 to see if it would sell. I played with the idea of trying to buy them back at $21.50, but ultimately decided against it.


Sell: BBBY Jan 15 $20 Call @ $3.375

Here I sold out 2/3rds of my options to lock in a profit, as I didn’t want to get too greedy. By this time, NIO was continuing to drop and I was really regretting not selling those calls at $10/contract.


Exercised: BBBY Jan 15 $20 Call
Sell: BBBY @ $25.00
Sell: BBBY @ $25.49
Sell: BBBY @ $26.35

I exercised the remainder of my calls and sold them off in batches along with another chunk of my main holding. All these BBBY trades are what saved my week from being a huge loss, as the market did not react well to Biden’s proposed stimulus plan!


Buy: SPY Jan 15 $375 Put @ $1.34
Sell: SPY Jan 15 $375 Put @ $0.50
Sell: NIO Jan 15 $55 Call @ $2.50
Sell: CLX Jan 15 $200 Put @ $2.00

Why oh why do I keep trying to short the SPY? This cute play I tried to make wiped out most of my gains for the week. CLX spiked on Friday as well and turned that into a loss and NIO continued its fall, adding to the pain. I decided to re-coup as much as I could from these losing moves and put it into something that had a better chance of making money.

Buy: BAC Jan 29 $33 Call @ $0.95

After seeing the earnings that JPM put out, I decided to buy more of these calls on the anticipation of a post earnings run. Dan and I are both heavily into these calls, so next Tuesday will be a big day for both of us!

Active Positions:

TickerBuy PriceCurrent Price
BBBY $18.36*$25.59
SONO $18.33$26.33
JWN $23.30$36.24
SPCE Apr 16 $30 Call$5.50$6.32
CRM Mar 19 $250 Call$9.60*$3.25
BAC Jan 29 $33 Call$1.05*$0.94
SPY was added for benchmarking my performance
*SAP, BBBY, SPCE, BAC and CRM Calls buy price averaged over two purchases

Closed Positions:

TickerBuy PriceSell Price
JMIA Jan 15 $50 Call$4.65Expired
BBBY Jan 15 $20 Call$1.75$3.37
BBBY (exercised and sold)$21.75$25.24
NIO Jan 15 $55 Call$4.50$2.50
CLX Jan 15 $200 Put$7.70$2.00
SPY Jan 15 $375 Put$1.34$0.50

Weekly Gain (Realized):

DateMy GainsSPY Gains
2021 Total-0.22%0.49%
2020 Total16.22%12.20%

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