Welcome back to 2021’s first trade log update! I’ll go through the few moves I made to close out last year before getting into last week’s moves.


Buy: BBBY @ $19.20
Sell: AMD @ $92.19
Buy: AMD Dec 24 $94 Call @ $1.20

I finally closed out my position in AMD, mostly to fund my big bet on BBBY’s earning call on 1/7. Even though the stock benefited from the “Blue Wave,” it lost a lot of ground after posting a big miss. I also bought some cheap AMD calls so I wouldn’t be kicking myself if my selling out was premature. Instead, I just ended up kicking myself for purchasing those calls when they expired worthless.


Buy: JMIA Jan 15 $50 Call @ $4.65

I bought these calls after watching JMIA continue its epic run, but unfortunatley, that run ended the moment I bought them. January 15th is starting to look like an expensive day for my portfolio.


Buy: NIO Jan 15 $55 Call @ $4.50

I bought these calls expecting to see some positive movement leading up to Nio Day. NIO was Dan’s bet pick in last week’s episode of 2 Bulls in a China Shop and I liked his reasoning.


No Trades


No Trades


Buy: BAC Jan 29 $33 Call @ $1.13

I bought these after seeing options alerts pop up for JPM and BAC. I knew I should have waited a day as I was buying them though, as I could have picked them up for less than $0.80 a contract on Friday. BAC announces earnings in a couple weeks, but I’m hoping they move in sympathy with JPM when they report on 1/15.


Sell: NIO Jan 15 $55 Call @ $6.08

Here I sold off 50% of my NIO position at the end of the day after watching the stock price rally throughout the day. I wanted to lock in some profit in case NIO disappointed (I still have nightmares about AMDs big events), but it looks like I didn’t need to worry.

Active Positions:

TickerBuy PriceCurrent Price
CLX Jan 15 $200 Put$7.70$3.75
BBBY $18.87*$18.94
SONO $18.33$24.41
JWN $23.30$34.24
NIO Jan 15 $55 Call$4.50$6.17
JMIA Jan 15 $50 Call$4.65$0.17
BBBY Jan 15 $20 Call$1.75$0.33
SPCE Apr 16 $30 Call$5.50$3.52
CRM Mar 19 $250 Call$9.60*$4.85
BAC Jan 29 $33 Call$1.13$0.83
SPY was added for benchmarking my performance
*SAP, BBBY, SPCE and CRM Calls buy price averaged over two purchases

Closed Positions:

TickerBuy PriceSell Price
AMD Dec 24 $94 Call$1.20Expired
NIO Jan 15 $55 Call$4.50$6.08

Weekly Gain (Realized):

DateMy GainsSPY Gains
2021 Total0.90%1.97%
2020 Total16.22%12.20%

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