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2 Bulls Bonus GME: The Empire Strikes Back

In this special bonus episode, Kyle and Dan talk about the epic short squeeze of GME and what’s driving the two sides of the trading.

It is a dark time for the
Reddit rebellion. Although Melvin
Capital has been destroyed,
Institutional troops have driven the
Reddit forces from their hidden
base and pursued them across
the internet.

Evading the dreaded Institutional
forces, a group of freedom
fighters sporting Diamond Hands
have established a new secret
base on the remote ice world
of r/WallStreetBetsNew.

The evil lord and CEO Gabriel Plotkin,
obsessed with destroying all the
Diamond Hands, has received
billions of hedge fund dollars from
the far reaches of the exchange…

Link to Chamath Palihapitiya article:

2 Bulls in a China Shop: 1/28/21

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