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Weekly Trade Log: 12/14

Stimulus gridlock and a failed test flight from Virgin Galactic on Saturday are setting the stage for a rough week coming up

What started out as a good week ended poorly thanks to the continued stimulus deadlock. Virgin Galactic had their test flight take place on Saturday, only to abort shortly after ignition due to a communications issue. That probably won’t be good for my SPCE options on Monday morning…


Sold: SPCE Dec 18 $28 Call @ $4.00
Buy: AMC Dec 18 $3.5 Call @ $0.36

I sold out 25% of my SPCE calls here to get my initial investment back. I figured this was a good way to hedge my bets against any unforeseen issues with the test flight scheduled for the weekend. Turns out that this was a good move. The AMC calls I bought was mostly just to mess with Dan on the latest episode of 2 Bulls in a China Shop. Not the best way to make investment decisions, but I figured it’d be worth the entertainment value if it didn’t work out.


Buy: GME @ $16.99
Sold: GME @ $15.10

My big blunder of the week. After looking at the short interest on GME, I started questioning my initial thought process that had me bearish on the earnings call. If I had stuck with my first instincts and shorted the stock, I would have done very well. I guess it’s karma for buying those AMC calls the day before…


Buy: CRM Mar 19 $250 Call @ $8.70

CRM dropped on Wednesday after stimulus woes affected the broader markets. I decided to double my initial bet here to give me a few more contracts to sell off on the next bump. Fingers crossed, these contracts are expensive!


No Trades


Sold: SABR@ $11.30

SABR’s run finally came to an end and my 10% stop loss kicked in. I may look to buy back into them if they drop to the low $10s, they should bounce back once a new stimulus package gets worked out.

Active Positions:

TickerBuy PriceCurrent Price
CLX Jan 15 $200 Put$7.70$5.15
BBBY Dec 18 $15 Call$2.52$4.20
SONO Dec 18 $17.5 Call$1.33$3.40
JWN $23.30$30.82
SPCE Dec 18 $28 Call$0.95$5.10
CRM Mar 19 $250 Call$9.60*$8.68
AMC Dec 18 $3.5 Call$0.36$0.51
SPY was added for benchmarking my performance
*SAP and CRM Calls buy price averaged over two purchases

Closed Positions:

TickerBuy PriceSell Price
SPCE Dec 18 $28 Call$0.95$4.00

Weekly Gain (Realized):

WeekWeekly GainSPY Weekly Gain

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