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Other than succumbing to “gold rush fever” on Tuesday, it was a pretty solid week. My Sonos bet paid off big and I finally cashed in my Boeing stake. Now I just need to figure out how to do that every week!


Sold Short: BA @ $202.22
Exercised: BA Nov 20 $160 Call

I ended up having to short sell Boeing in order to get full value on my option calls, however, this glitched out my TDAmeritrade account and I had to spend about 45 minutes with tech support to get my margin balance zeroed out. I’m sure there’s a way to do this maneuver properly since I’ve done it in the past, but tech support wasn’t all that helpful on how to prevent it from happening again (to be fair, they were very helpful in getting my account resolved).

Sell: WWR Nov 20 $5 Call @ $1.50

Remember this guy from last week? I thought for sure this would be a loss, so I was ecstatic when I had the opportunity to sell out a third of my position to get my initial investment back.

Buy: GRIL @ 2.02

The person who was touting WWR on WeBull was fanatical about GRIL as well. I figured it was worth a shot since he was bang on with WWR. I went with stock on this purchase so I could set a trailing stop loss to protect myself (Truth time: There are no options available to trade for GRIL)


Buy: NIO @ 47.37
Sell: NIO @ 47.78
Buy: NIO @ 48.36
Sell: NIO @ 47.82
Buy: NIO Nov 20 $46 Put @ $3.70
Sell: NIO Nov 20 $46 Put @ $3.85
Buy: NIO @ 46.95

As I was making these trades, I was already dreading having to explain them in this week’s edition. I bought in initially after Dan convinced me the earnings coming up after the bell would be solid (I initially wanted to stay away from this one). I set a tight stop loss and got kicked out pretty quickly and had to buy back in. Then this and pretty much every other stock on my watchlist started tanking, so I quickly sold out again. After realizing the movement was from a Fed announcement, I bought the Puts, but the price stabilized and started to recover, so I sold those too. Then just before the bell, I bought stock again to ride through earnings. After all was said and done, I made maybe $5 total during this mental breakdown.


Sold: PFE Nov 20 $39 Call @ $0.35
Sold: CSIQ Nov 20 $45 Call @ $0.25

These two moves were just me trying to extract some value out of a losing position that was quickly heading to completely worthless. Something I failed to do the last time I had a bunch of losing options approaching expiration.


Sell: SABR Nov 20 $8 Call @ $2.15
Sell: SONO Dec 18 $17.5 Call @ $5.00

More Profit taking here. I kept 20% of my initial position in SABR to exercise at the end of the week, and I sold about a third of my SONO position after they crushed their earnings to lock in a profit. I plan to ride out the rest of those calls for another week or two and see if it goes any higher

Sold: WWR @ $0.85

WWR spiked again but started falling back down pretty quickly, so I just closed out my position for a small gain. I was planning on buying more stock Friday after the market opened, hoping to get a cheaper price


Sold: TSM @ $95.88
Sold: DLB @ $88.40
Exercised: SABR Nov 20 $8 Call

I cashed out TSM and DLB for a small profit to raise the capital I needed to exercise SABR and to make the rest of the moves to set me up for next week.

Buy: WWR @ 6.54

So much for getting a cheaper price. I should have dropped this at the end of the day, but I’ve been hearing rumors of a deal coming between WWR and an electric vehicle company. That would explain the crazy volume over the last couple days and the price jumps, so I really wanted to hold this through the weekend in case something gets announced.

Buy: JWN Dec 04 $22 Call @ $1.30
Buy: SPCE Dec 18 $28 Call @ $0.95
Sell AMD Nov 20 $85 Call @ $0.50
Expired: NTGR Nov 20 $38 Call

The two buys were following options alerts from Benzinga. JWN is reporting earnings on the 24th, so these seemed like a good bet. I went with Dec 04 expiration so I wouldn’t be forced to make a decision on these calls for an extra week. The AMD calls were sold to get something out of a position that was going to be a big loser by market close.

Active Positions:

TickerBuy PriceCurrent Price
CLX Jan 15 $200 Put$7.70$6.35
BBBY Dec 18 $15 Call$2.52$5.38
SABR $8.65$10.00
SONO Dec 18 $17.5 Call$1.33$3.70
JWN Dec 04 $22 Call$1.30$1.34
SPCE Dec 18 $28 Call$0.95$1.02
WWR $6.54$6.53
SPY was added for benchmarking my performance
SAP buy price averaged over two buys

Closed Positions:

TickerBuy PriceSell Price
BA Nov 20 $160 Call$13.20Exercised
BA (Short and Exercised)173.20202.22
WWR Nov 20 $5 Call$0.50$1.50
WWR Nov 20 $5 Call$0.50$0.85
NIO Nov 20 $46 Put$3.70$3.85
PFE Nov 20 $39 Call$1.20$0.35
CSIQ Nov 20 $45 Call$4.20$0.25
SONO Dec 18 $17.5 Call$1.33$5.00
SABR Nov 20 $8 Call$0.65$2.15
SABR Nov 20 $8 Call$2.60Exercised
AMD Nov 20 $85 Call$4.30$0.50
NTGR Nov 20 $38 Call$2.60Expired

Weekly Gain (Realized):

WeekWeekly GainSPY Weekly Gain
Back in the Black

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